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This is Why the World Needs More Geriatric Hip Hop Crews

20 Aug

Special for Super Senior Sunday, Hip Op-eration is the absolutely brilliant name of this awesome group of seniors.  They hail from New Zealand and were in Las Vegas last week to participate in the World Hip Hop Championships.

Five members of this crew are over 90 years old. I doubt they took the crown, but they’re all winners in my book. What do you think?

Financial Abuse of Seniors on the Rise in Canada

13 Aug

Financial Abuse of Seniors Is on the Rise in Canada –

My Life Just Got Busier

12 Aug

I’ve been absent from these pages for several weeks now.  I didn’t plan to be silent this long.  As those who know me will attest, when I am conscious I am rarely silent. But a strange thing happened recently: I went out and got myself a  job. So after five years away from the world of high heels and pantyhose, I  went back to full-time work about three weeks ago.  This is truly good news. But being back in the corporate world is taking some getting used to for me after spending so much of my time either in playgrounds, school yards, hospitals, retirement homes, or nursing homes.

As a single parent, I am now truly experiencing life in the middle of the sandwich; my child is young and energetic, my mother is old and getting sicker and, at the age of 52, I’ve gone back to work.  But I have no intention of putting Across the Divide to rest.  I remain passionate about issues related to parenthood, aging, dementia, and elder care. These are important issues that affect each and every one of us. Regardless of whether our parents are still alive. After all, if we’re lucky enough, you and I will get old one day too.

There is much to write about.  And I will find the time. But my child must come first. And for now, he gets the bulk of my time away from work. When I do contribute to this space, I want my posts to be informative and well-written. So I hope you will forgive me if they continue to be infrequent while I figure out how to carve out the time for research and writing.  And while I’m figuring that out, I welcome your comments and suggestions about life in the middle of the sandwich.


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